Margaret Wanjiru Ireri

LANGUAGE: English, Kikuyu, Kiswahili
I am a small scale farmer from Njabini Ward Nyandarua County, , I have one cow that gives me my income and enables me to pay school fees from the milk proceeds I have 12 hens. (I had 2+10).
My vision is to become a big farmer of kienyeji chicken and be able to one day export my eggs and chicken to Canada.
(19/9/2014) I have 17 hens, 5 laying eggs producing 60 eggs.
Two hens are sitting on their eggs. I chicken has hatched seven chicks.
CHICKEN REPORT The first day I received my chicken I de-wormed them.
In two weeks’ time they have taken 10kg of layers mash and kienyeji food.

Margaret Wangui Kimani

Occupation: Small scale Farmer
Mission: Working hard to fight poverty and maintain the standard of my family
10 hens laying eggs. So far they have laid a total of 116 eggs. One of them is seating on her eggs

Cecilia Nyambura Kamau

Language: Kikuyu, Kiswahili, English
I have 10 hens. One laying eggs. So far it has produced 6 eggs
The chickens are responding well to the new environment.
They are feeding well and they don’t seem to have any stress.
As per now, they haven’t started laying eggs

Tabitha Beth Wanjiru

Language: Kiswahili, English and Kikuyu
I have 8 hens.
Four are currently laying eggs. So far they have laid a total of fifty four eggs.
Bought 10kgs and two layers mash, added by Kamotho.
20 kgs of layers mash completed at 17/9/2014.
CHICKEN REPORT The first day I bought 3kgs of layers, glucose, plus sevin. The very day one of my chicken died on the spot whereby I was left with nine. The Chickens are responding well. After a week I bought them 10kgs of layers and they are feeding well. Last week they laid five eggs and I hope they will do well.

Alice Njoki Maina

Language: English, Kiswahili, Kikuyu
I am a young single mother, a small scale farmer and also a local African designer. I have a small workshop where i design my African outfit & African bags.
I am also grateful to have been will make sure they increase in large number where I will be the biggest distributor of eggs and chicken meat to many people in Kenya and out of Kenya, so that I can give my siblings better education and shelter. 10 hens are good, 2 laying eggs producing 15eggs.
I want to bring change in my community and young mothers by showing them that we can make it.
All my ten chickens are doing well.
They are in a well-ventilated house.
Only one hen is laying eggs so far I have 10 eggs.
I have bought other five hens because I want them to increase in a large number.
The chickens are keeping me busy each day and I am happy with that. I have become very active.

Alice Gacambi

I have 10 hens. They have laid 58 eggs. One is in seating on her eggs

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