Dr. Bitange Ndemo states that1 'Subsistence farming is the cause of all our problems' It follows then that in order to solve our problems, we need to improve subsistence farming. It is a well-established fact that you cannot improve something that you cannot measure. This is an initiative to measure and improve subsistence farming.
Women groups in Nyandarua county have taken steps to measure, change and improve. Maendeleo Ya Wanawake in Nyakio and Jambini wards are rearing kiennyeji chicken applying modern farming methods combined with best business practises. Some of the key measures include the cost of producing a tray of eggs, a kilo of chicken meat and time spent on production.

Rearing Kenyenji chicken was choosen for the following reasons:
Adequate and growing demand
The women already have experience rearing them
Meat tastes better
Eggs are more nutritious
Better market prices for eggs and meat
Feeding is supplemented using locally available ingredients

The women work closely with the local Government technical adviser to ensure professional and cost effective care of the birds. In order to effectively operate as businesses, they will keep proper farming records. To make it easier to keep the records, the farmers will be using SMS amd browser enabled mobile phones.
For marketing and future value adding activities , the women will be lead by Social Reform Centre (SOREC)

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1 'Subsistence farming is the cause of all our problems'